Working closely with the food/feed industry and listening to the needs of our customers has influenced the creation of Tastetite technology, exclusively developed for the ruminant, pig, poultry, pet and equine markets over 20+ years.

Tastetite uses advanced manufacturing techniques to produce flavours, aromas and sweeteners that can change the profile of any animal feed or supplement. The Tastetite encapsulation process controls the flavour/aroma activity and release in the feed, enabling feed manufacturers to mask the presence of unpalatable raw materials and deliver assured palatability and intake, the underlying pre-requisite of good nutrition. Tastetite has been scientifically developed and proven in trials.

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With Tastetite, it’s all about applying the science:

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Understanding and interpreting the basic taste sensations in animals is just the starting point for us. This knowledge, combined with raw material profiles and their influence on palatability, enables us to develop a bespoke flavour solution that is both attractive and consistent in every delivery.

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Our expert chemists balance the sensory profile of the aroma with the target species, your feed ingredients list and your manufacturing process to deliver a solution that guarantees intake stimulation and/or consumer acceptance. Why not take this one step further and work with our chemists to create a ‘brand’ aroma unique to your business?

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Appetite is hugely influenced by taste and the impact of high intensity sweeteners and sweetener flavour properties, particularly in youngstock, cannot be underestimated. Our specialists will evaluate your needs and recommend a Tastetite solution that can intensifying sweetness as well as masking unpalatable ingredients if needed.

What does this mean for feed manufacturing?

Inroads Tastetite provides enhanced aroma and taste
Inroads Tastetite provides consistency in ebery delivery
Inroads Tastetite masks unpalatable ingredients
Inroads Tastetite is adaptable adding technical and commercial value to your anmial feed