Seduce the appetite

There are many references in literature that sweet tasting components can improve palatability and positively affect nutrient digestibility, particularly in young animals, so their addition is an obvious choice. But which ones are right for the markets you are serving?

Sweet ingredients such as molasses can improve feed taste, but it affects energy profiles, whilst long-lasting intense sweeteners can be an important alternative to modify taste without impacting nutritional values.

Inroads offer a taste enhancer evaluation service to ensure you are optimising feed palatability as well as cost-efficiency; call us on +44 (0)1939 236 555 to find out more.

With Tastetite, it’s all about applying the science:

Understanding and interpreting the basic taste sensations in animals together with umami science is just the starting point for us. This knowledge, combined with raw material profiles and their influence on palatability, enables us to develop a bespoke flavour solution that is both attractive and consistent in every delivery.

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Our expert chemists balance the sensory profile of the aroma with the target species, your feed ingredients list and your manufacturing process to deliver a solution that guarantees intake stimulation and/or consumer acceptance. Why not take this one step further and work with our chemists to create a ‘brand’ aroma unique to your business?

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The influence of high intensity sweeteners and sweetener flavour properties is a science in itself. Gustatory receptors and ingestion behaviour are just two important parameters we consider so that our Tastetite appetite solutions overcome negative taste attributes.

What does this mean for feed manufacturing?

  • Tastetite is an innovative encapsulation technology designed to improve flavour delivery to animals through enhanced aroma and taste – we do the hard work for you.
  • Tastetite flavours are protected, delivering temperature stability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions; maximising feed shelf life and providing consistency in every delivery.
  • Flavours are released on consumption, allowing modification of feed taste and the masking of unpalatable ingredients such as magnesium.
  • Tastetite is an adaptable technology that can fit multiple feeding systems, adding technical and commercial value to your products.