IMPORTANT INFORMATION – an Inroads update on the post-BREXIT status of feed additives still in the reauthorisation process.

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Post-BREXIT status of feed additives still in the regulation 1831/2003 article 10/2 reauthorisation process

A large number of flavouring compounds and some other important feed additives will still be within the Regulation 1831/2003 Article 10/2 reauthorisation process when the UK leaves the EU on 31st December.

These additives will still be available for use by the UK feed industry after BREXIT.

This is because the EU Feed Additive Register is part of retained law and all additives currently in Annex I are being transferred into a UK Regulated Products Database. This includes those additives still in the Regulation 1831/2003 Article 10/2 reauthorisation process. All the conditions of use associated with current EU Feed Additive Register entries will also be preserved.

The UK authority is working on an ‘administrative mechanism’ to manage the outcomes of the EU reauthorisation process for feed additives so that, if an additive is reauthorised in the EU, it will be ‘reauthorised’ in the UK with the same conditions of use until such time as the authorisation needs to be renewed (10 years). Then, an application for renewal will need to be made via the UK authorisation process.

A similar mechanism will be devised to remove additives from the UK database in the event that an additive is denied reauthorisation, or the application for reauthorisation is withdrawn before the EU process is concluded.

Inroads International customers can be assured that BREXIT will not result in any immediate changes to the status of our ingredients or products.