Pressures on the availability and sustainability of raw materials can give nutritionists and feed formulators a bit of a headache. Here’s a useful reminder on how animals decide whether to eat what’s in front of them… or not!

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Feed palatability & the role of flavours

Palatability is crucial for the animal to eat the food it is presented with. Unpalatable feed will be rejected, regardless of the quality of ingredients or balance of essential nutrients.

Most animals make decisions on palatability using three sensory characteristics – taste, aroma and texture – and will eat more if palatability is high.  Whilst the taste of feed is created by its ingredients, the addition of crucial micro-ingredients, minerals, vitamins and medicines are typically bitter and, therefore, render the feed unpalatable across most species.

Using aromas alone to mask micro-ingredients does not improve feed palatability, but stimulating salt, sour, sweet and bitter taste sensations is key. 

Our knowledge of the flavour profiles that are most successful in all species diets, together with the flavours that enhance the natural profile of raw material ingredients, can provide you with a platform for feed acceptance and consistency.

At Inroads, our role is to offer feed formulators maximum ingredient flexibility by applying the science of taste and aromatics to create animal feed products that work on farm. Our bespoke flavour solutions are released on consumption, making the addition of unpalatable ingredients such as magnesium a realistic option.