The government considers that the production of animal feed is essential and therefore ongoing production is allowed to continue.

Covid-19 Coronavirus

Inroads International products are used by the livestock and pet feed sectors to stimulate and support feed intake and maintain health and welfare in both livestock and pet animals. The advice the industry has received, via the Food Standards Agency and trade associations, is that the government considers that the production of feed (i.e. feed additives, feed materials, premixtures and compound feeds) is essential and therefore ongoing production is allowed to continue.  

We are a small business with a small number of staff so keeping our people safe and well is essential for us to continue to play our role in feed production. Therefore, we have implemented the following measures to ensure continuity of supply:

1) All staff who can work at home are working at home.

2) Sales visits are suspended until such time as restrictions are lifted.

3) The office will be manned by a single member of staff to ensure that we can minimise risks of transmission within the administrative workforce. This means that there is limited capacity for to deal with phone calls. If you can’t immediately speak to us please leave us a message or try again later.

4) Operational staff are working in ways that maintain distancing and shifts have been arranged so that we have a stand-by workforce in the event that any production staff fall ill.

5) No visitors are allowed on site except for delivery and collection vehicles and rules are in place for loading and unloading operations to ensure that our staff are placed at minimal risk.

6) At the moment our supply chain for raw materials is working with only slight interruption and we do not foresee any major issues under present restrictions.

In these ways we hope to be able to continue to serve our customers as normal during this difficult time.

Should the situation change then we will ensure that our customers are advised as soon as possible.

Rob Naylor
Managing Director