'It’s all a matter of Good Taste'

*Products: Ruminants

Targeting all ruminant species, a comprehensive range of Tastetite products has been developed and tested in all ruminant feeding systems, including dairy, beef, calves, sheep and lambs.

Through our expertise and understanding of the market, we work with our customers to develop bespoke products.

We can provide expertise and give technical advice on the use of Tastetite products in:

  • Minerals - Free-access, In-feed, Licks and Blocks
  • Compound Feeding Stuffs
  • Dairy Concentrates

The Features of Tastetite

  • Aromatic, concentrated top notes
  • Tastetite technology – Enhanced flavour delivery to improve palatability and feed acceptance
  • Flavour persistence and extended shelf life
  • Flavours available in powdered and liquid forms

The Benefits of Tastetite

  • Maximise feed intakes
  • Mask unpalatable ingredients
  • Provide aroma impact for animals and customers
  • Deliver brand identity