'It’s all a matter of Good Taste'

*Products: Equine

Working closely with the industry, and listening to the demands of the horse owner has influenced the creation of a range of Tastetite products exclusively targeted at the equine market.

We can provide expertise and give technical advice on the use of Tastetite products in:

  • Mineral and salt blocks
  • Haylage treatment
  • Straw and bedding treatment
  • Treats

The Features of Tastetite

  • Aromatic, concentrated top notes
  • Tastetite technology – Enhanced flavour delivery to improve palatability and feed acceptance
  • Flavour persistence and extended shelf life
  • Flavours available in powdered and liquid forms

The Benefits of Tastetite

  • Maximise feed intakes
  • Mask unpalatable ingredients
  • Provide aroma impact for animals and customers
  • Deliver brand identity