'It’s all a matter of Good Taste'



The Tastetite concept was developed over a decade ago after an in-depth study into the use of flavours and sweeteners in animal feeds, their stability, and also the mechanisms by which they were delivered.

Tastetite flavours and sweeteners have many key roles to fulfil in feeds.

Primarily and most importantly they are used to increase the palatability and animal acceptance of feeds ensuring consistency and maximising feed intakes.

They also provide product distinction through aroma. This plays a vital role in the marketing of feed products, providing a company with an excellent opportunity to promote brand identity and increase recognition in the market place.

Tastetite was designed specifically to address these issues, harnessing microencapsulation technology to protect our flavours; we deliver a range of products which are high on aroma impact, but also stable in-feed and released on consumption.

Tastetite is supported by a continuous new product development strategy; ensuring that the technical performance of our products not only meets, but exceeds customer expectations and that Tastetite remains at the forefront of animal feed flavour innovation.